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Funny / Calamity Jane

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  • Katie's amazement at realising Calamity is a woman. Calamity thinks it's Actually Pretty Funny... at first.
    Calamity: Come think of it, that ain't all that funny.
  • Calamity tries to get Katie to Deadwood, thinking she's Adelaid Adams. At first reluctant, Katie takes advantage to come up with the "explanation" that if she doesn't go along with Calamity, Calamity will just kidnap her and "I'm a helpless victim, now let me pack."
  • "I Can Do Without You" ends with Calamity and Bill standing back-to-back pointedly ignoring each other.
    • Followed shortly by "I'll bring her, Bill Hickok, if I have to drag her back with my teeth!"
  • When Calamity brings back "Adelaid", Bill has to live up to his bet to show up at the saloon dressed like an Indian woman. Naturally, everyone is laughing until Bill pulls out his gun to intone "the next man who laughs gets it!" Dead silence...except for Calamity still howling.
  • When Calamity takes off her coat at the ball to show herself off in a dress, Bill just takes the coat and hangs it up...then slowly turns with Howard Keel doing an absolutely beautiful open-jawed, wide-eyed look at Calamity's outfit.


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