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  • Arc 2 has several lighthearted moments that stand in contrast to the Darker and Edgier storyline, like the party's visit to Morea.
    Guard: That short kid with the weird face is Arc?
    Shante: Heh...weird face...that's funny.
    Arc: I don't find it so.
    Guard: Well...okay. I'll let you in...IF I can get your autograph.
    Arc: Autograph...?
    Iga: I have never signed such a thing.
    Shante: That's 'cause no one WANTS yours, Iga.
    Iga: Oh...
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  • The map screen animations in the first game can be fairly amusing. When it's just Arc and Poco, Poco is seen running around chasing a bat. Recruiting Chongara shows him instructing his Kelack summon in something up until Iga joins, whereupon Chongara changes to dancing with his summon pot.


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