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  • Fridge Brilliance: More of a meta-example than anything. Ask yourself why Strange felt it was necessary to channel Zom to beat Hulk when Strange on his own is capable of fighting beings that FAR outclass Hulk in every way. There was no other way to convincingly have Strange lose than to have him distracted with something even worse than Hulk during the fight (not to suggest that Strange's defeat was convincing, just more convincing than having Hulk win on his own merits).
    • As everyone in the comic keeps pointing out, Hulk is madder and stronger than he has ever been. Strange no longer has the capability to defeat Hulk without killing him, and of all of the Illuminati, he clearly feels the most guilt. Channeling Zom was him deliberately holding back in an attempt to avoid killing his friend.
    • Doctor Strange isn't willing to kill Bruce Banner, which means he can't break out the Dormammu-level weaponry (Godzilla Threshold or no). He expressly states that he could teleport Hulk away, but exiling Hulk has failed twice already and made things vastly worse each time. And the Hulk's rage makes him impossible to mind-control. Of course, once the Hulk re-shatters Strange's hands, the point becomes moot.

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