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Fridge / The Street Lawyer

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  • Near the beginning of the story, there was a Foreshadowing that the dynamite Mister armed himself with are fake. Remember, Michael said that the red sticks Mister had appeared to his untrained eyes to be dynamite.
  • Michael badly screwing up when he attempted to steal a file from his firm seems stupid for a lawyer... But remember, Michael himself lampshaded that he was trained to think like a 'lawyer', not a 'thief'. And not just any lawyer, an anti-trust lawyer. His specialty isn't in handling cases on murder cases or theft, but in handling cases relating to competition between business corporations. So, as this is his first time being involved in a crime (his own crime), it's only natural that he would make mistakes like leaving fingerprints or getting caught by someone.
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  • Michael and Mordecai planning to use the newspapers to help with their case concerning the illegal conviction was actually foreshadowed twice. The first time was when the city was in a frenzy after news about the death of Lontae Burton and her children, especially with their bodies being found just a mile away from the Capitol Hill, where they're in the middle of reforming welfare in a way that would send more mothers to the streets. The second time was when Drake & Sweeney attempted to force Michael into returning the stolen file by embarrassing him in public by posting Michael arrest in the newspapers. The latter can be seen as some strong irony and poetic justice, considering the effects of releasing the file's information to the public.

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