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Running Gags and Brick Jobs

  • Michael's snarky inner-dialogue is very amusing to read through. He is able to even internally snark even in the most dangerous of situations.
  • The reactions of a first-time drinking one of 14th Street Legal Clinic's terrible coffee.

Chapter Events

  • Despite being held as a hostage by a dangerous and crazy man with a gun and dynamites, Michael couldn't help but snark about his situation. One noticeable moment was when he starting thinking about the 'joys of IRS code'.
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  • The very fact that, upon being demanded to bring some soup and bread from a specific soup kitchen, Rudolf questioned the deranged and armed kidnapper if soup kitchens do take-outs. The sheer silence that followed got broken by a pissed off Michael who demanded his superior to just do it already, before adding to bring enough for the hostages too.
  • The awkward conversation of Michael asking Mordecai to check if Mister had any A.I.Ds.
  • When Ruby hugged Michael after joyfully proclaiming that she was able to stay clean for a week, Michael realized that an old couple was watching them. Keep in mind that this happened in a motel, so it isn't surprising to suspect what that couple were thinking.

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