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Fridge Brilliance:

  • Alfred says twice that Krolock spoke of Sarah during Vor dem Schloss. Except... Krolock didn't mention her at all. Jumping from what he actually said, which was "Follow your hidden instincts," to "Sarah must be here in the castle!" is quite the logical leap. However, it seems to be scripted (in that it's consistent with multiple actors) that Alfred smiles at Krolock's "Search with me for the black grail/I'll teach you how to love," line. It's possible that Krolock showed Alfred a vision of Sarah, and because of the Mind Manipulation Alfred remembered it as Krolock insinuating that Sarah is in the castle.
    • Not quite. This actually comes from a case of being Edited for Syndication. Over the years since its 1997 opening, Tanz has been progressively reduced from its original running length at the behest of producers seeking to avoid overtime pay for the orchestra mandated by the musicians' union. (Seriously; Michael Kunze says as much in a fan Q&A.) In the original longer version of Vor dem Schloss, Krolock was much more explicit as to what he meant, telling Alfred that "the object of your longing is nearer to you than ever." Switching Alfred's later reference to a response to "Follow your hidden instincts" was merely papering over an edit to the material. That said, this is an interesting interpretation of the show as it can be seen currently.

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