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  • Professor Abronsius is one of the funniest characters in the entire musical. Half of his lines, as well as his tendency to ham things up make him utterly hilarious. Here are a few examples to prove it.
    • When Professor Abronsius and Alfred are in the Count's castle, the Professor stumbles upon a whole load of books. He then proceeds to sing a song with lyrics that consist almost completely of authors. At first, Alfred wants to talk the professor out of it. Failing to do so, he leaves and the plot continues for quite some time with them apart. He finds Sarah, and they have a duet (Which is mostly about Sarah not wanting to leave), and Alfred songs a solo number while returning to the professor. When they meet again, Alfred gets his song interrupted by the professor... who is STILL singing authors.
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    • During "Sie irren, Professor" (the reprise of "He, Ho, He"), he uses a proper mad professor threat: "You underestimate science, von Krolock! I will pickle you in alcohol and add you to my collection."
    • "MUTINYYYY!!!"
    • Sebastian Brandmeir's apoplectic squeaking during the crypt scene.
    • The unexpected and incredibly high note the Professor hits during "Wahrheit" is hilarious as well as awesome. So is the rest of the song.
  • The GIGANTIC sponge Sarah whips out in the bath scene in the castle - to show Alfred how well the Count treats her.
  • Koukol trying to get Chagal and Magda out of the castle's crypt.
  • "That doesn't work on me! I'm a Jewish vampire!"
  • The honk honk noise when Abronsius discover that it's not Chagal under the sheet.
  • All vampires scream and draw back when they see the cross. Herbert faints, which is similar to Alfred fainting when Sarah gets bitten.
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  • The Professor getting clobbered by Rebecca when she mistakes him for her husband.
  • Alfred and Herbert's "Wenn Liebe in dir ist" duet.
    • Somehow even more hilarious when the roles are switched, as in when Lukas Perman (Alfred) and Marc Liebisch (Herbert) decided to swap costumes. Enjoy.
    • As funny as the song itself is, what usually takes the cake is Alfred's wonderful Oh, Crap! moment when it dawns to him that Herbert stands right behind him.
    • And afterwards, when Professor Abronsius resuces Alfred by thoroughly whacking Herberts behind with his parasol.
  • "Die Gruft" is already funny as it is, but during an open day at the theater in Berlin, Sven Prüwer (Abronsius) and Dennis Jankowiak (Alfred) decided to sing that with an appropriate Berlin dialect, to the audiences tremendous delight.
  • A classic example of Professor Abronsius' Never My Fault attitude: The Professor and Alfred are trying to sneak down to stake Chagall. Abronsius takes one step, the old floorboard groans under his weight, Abronsius hushes Alfred. He takes another step, again the floorboard groans and again he motions Alfred to be silent. When the floorboard groans again under the third step, Abronsius gives his assistant an exasperated look. Alfred meanwhile hasn't made a single move the entire time.
  • Count von Krolock, of all people, gets one funny moment as well. The Count gets a bit caught up in the moment when singing about eternal sadness. He pauses, than turns around - to see Alfred and Professor Abronsius bored out of their minds and nearly asleep. Depending on the actor, the reaction to that varies. Sometimes the Count scares them with a "Boo!", sometimes he starts laughing (and sometimes both) and sometimes he has completley forgotten about his visitors and looks entirely puzzled when he sees them.
    • Drew Sarich pretended to put the Professor’s card in his pocket, then chucked it offstage dismissively when his guests weren’t looking.
  • Jan Ammann is fond of adding his owns sense of humour when portraying the Count. In "Vor dem Schloss" he gives us this gem:
    Count von Krolock: The Professor Abronsius?
    Professor Abronsius (flattered): You have heard about me?
    Count von Krolock: I read your book "The Bat". Brilliant! [completely deadpan and bored] I was enraptured.
    • Thomas Borchert borderline fanboying over Abronsius, too. It's apparently dialed Up to Eleven in his Vienna dernière.
  • Alfred's enraptured face as the Count sings to him in "Vor dem Schloß" (for example, Anton Zetterholm's dazed - almost gormless in an adorable way - expression). It's Ho Yay and funny at the same time.
  • Darkly funny, given what just happened, but Raphael Groß's utterly delighted-sounding, if not gleeful, "Not bad!" after vampire!Alfred had his first taste of blood.
  • Kirill Gordeev as Herbert waggling his brows really enthusiastically at Alfred.
  • At the end of Tanzsaal Alfred tries to scare the vampires off by running towards them, candle holder in hand, screaming. This fails to impress to impress the Count entirely, who doesn't move one inch, while Alfred stops dead in his tracks. If played by Drew Sarich, the Count will then turn around to look at his son as if to say "Is that supposed to scare me?", who only shrugs in response. He then turns back to Alfred, throwing his hands in the air, and giving a little mock-scream before scaring Alfred off.


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