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Fridge / Star Trek Discovery Short Treks E04 "The Escape Artist"

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Fridge Brilliance:Harry got the Mudd-droids from the planet Mudd, where he was the captive ruler in the TOS episode "I, Mudd". Clues:

  • Short Treks can take place at any point in Star Trek history. Calypso, for instance, takes place in the 33rd Century. "The Escape Artist" could easily take place after "I, Mudd".
  • Android technology of this level is rare in this time period. Most androids had been constructed by ancient races. Certainly Harry never showed the skill to create them.
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  • The planet-Mudd androids were constructed as 500 identical copies of each type; there was an Alice series, a Barbara series, etc.
  • One of the Harry-droids is wearing the tunic Harry wore in I, Mudd.
Ergo: While being detained on the planet Mudd, Harry conned the androids into making a "Harry" series. Then he escaped somehow, taking several of them with him.

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