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    Fridge Brilliance 
  • Jared mentions he does Kegel exercises. He mentions they help with night sweats, but they can also help with sexual stamina and help a man orgasm multiple times without ejaculating, this would explain why Jared is so successful with women. He’s probably good in bed.
  • If you do the math, you realise that in losing the "bake-off", Pied Piper might have dodged a bit of an ugly confrontation with Russ Hanneman. Consider that Hanneman had, through bad investments, stopped being a billionaire. His net worth had dropped to nine hundred and eighty six million dollars. But now with the seemingly certain prospect of winning the Intersite contract, he's celebrating his being "re-billionised". Now, clearly to get back over a billion he needs fourteen million dollars - after splurging on a McLaren, probably closer to fifteen million. And fifteen million dollars is exactly the total amount Pied Piper is getting for this contract. It would appear that Hanneman has gotten it into his head that once Intersite pays Pied Piper, he will be allowed to personally keep the whole amount. Without even factoring for the legal fees Pied Piper needs to pay in order to keep Hooli from destroying them, let alone the operating costs necessary for them to actually fulfil the contract. In a way, losing Intersite may have been a blessing in disguise, as otherwise Pied Piper might have found themselves involved in a whole new legal dispute that, knowing their luck, would have left them with no money, no investor, and a fully paid-up client whose service they're supposed to provide with no resources.
  • When they first release their platform, it's a disaster with the public, and Richard makes the analogy of building an airplane in an era where everyone's afraid to fly. If we continue the analogy, one of the first non-military uses of airplanes was postal delivery. By using the technology to facilitate communications, and selling that service, they could sidestep the issue of public acceptance until people got used to the idea. Sure enough, at the end of season 3, they pivot to a compression-based video chat application.
  • While Jack Barker's "Conjoined Triangles of Success" sounds like corporate buzz-speak, take a second to consider his philosophy: sales should be involved from the design phase, to make sure that the engineering team is building a product that they can sell, and that people will want. Without that, the company is made up entirely of engineers from day one, and risks putting out a product that seems great to an engineer, but is a total flop with the general public. Guess what the ultimate fate of Pied Piper's platform is?
  • So when Richard runs into Russ Hanneman trying to get a room at the Fairmont to take a newlywed he'd wooed up to he ends the converstation by giving up at trying to get a room and saying "Screw it, I'll take her to the Stanford. She's too drunk to tell the difference." This joke probably takes explaining, The Stanford Court is very modern hotel filled with technology, hashtags, and a love of Bay Area music history while the Fairmont is a traditional old high class hotel that survived the Earthquake of 1906 and shows it. You'd have to be blackout drunk to not tell the difference.
  • Jared is the Team Mom of Pied Piper. In an early episode, he reveals that he went to Vassar College, a historically female university.
  • In S 01 E 03, Peter Gregory is approached by two businessmen who require an urgent cash injection after losing their factory in North Carolina. This subplot is largely an excuse to demonstrate Gregory's business acumen and out-of-the-box thinking, but this factory may be the same one Gavin Belson approaches to build his Box 3 in S 05 E 07.

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