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Fridge Logic

  • If real animals aren't supposed to exist in the world Pokémon, then to whom is Prof. Oak differentiating Pokémon from?
    • Historic records?
  • The Pokémon League has well over a thousand challengers per year. Each one of those challengers has to have defeated multiple Gym Leaders. From this, we can conclude that Gym Leaders most likely take on more than a thousand challengers every year, which would work out to an average of several battles per day. Gym Leaders in this continuity are fired if they lose more four matches in a row. Why does this rule exist? Gym Leaders are supposed to be a challenge, but them losing to challengers is part of the system, and it's something that's supposed to occur fairly often. This focus on streaks of defeat also means they're evaluated in ways that may not really reflect how well they're doing: in theory, an Gym Leader could win 99% of their matches in a year and get fired if they had one bad day, while a gym leader could have a consistent record of loss-loss-win and keep their job despite only winning 33% of their matches. And what happens if the Gym Leader has a lot of challengers on one particular day and one of their best Pokémon gets injured or worn out? It seems like the most probable result of such a rule is an entirely unneeded High Turnover Rate. The whole thing makes no sense and seems to exist just to make the setting suck more.
    • This might have some reason for why, for example, the Sensational Sisters just avoided battle with Ash, why Lt. Surge was so aggressive in his battles, and why Blaine hid his in a volcano to limit challengers...
    • There are far more Pokémon Gyms than the games. There are also ways to get into the Pokémon League without having to go to the Gyms like prep schools and special tests.
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  • If Pokemon are supposedly creatures from another world that recently arrived on Earth, where did fossil Pokemon like Aerodactyl, Omastar, and Kabutops come from?

Fridge Horror

  • The first novel states that Misty has only ever had bad luck with men, and considering the novelization also specifies that ten-year-olds are legally considered adults, that probably doesn't mean anything good...
    • Literally says in the second novel that she's only had bad luck with men, in that she's never spent more than 10 minutes with a boy before Ash.
  • With 10 year olds being considered adults, it seems likely that, drawing from above point, that they are also making their own calls on the matters of sexuality. Delia, who had Ash at the age of 18-19, might actually be on the older end of the spectrum of mothers when it is all said and done.
  • It's said that a lot of young men fail miserably and turn to crime. How many members of Team Rocket were kids just like Ash once upon a time who just got a bit unlucky or made a mistake somewhere? Heck, how many of them also came from Pallet Town!? If this version of the story had the St. Anne Rocket attack, would Ash have recognized any of the grunts as old acquaintances?
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  • If Pikachu evolves into Raichu too quickly, the power boost would give it a heart attack...