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Fridge / Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

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Fridge Brilliance:

  • If you were wondering who the identity of the fifty-ish looking man with important knowledge of The Laughing Man was in the "Chat" episode of season 1, pay close attention and you'll notice that he and TLM share the same VA, Steve Blum (with each at opposite ends of his vocal range, no less) meaning they may well have been the same person.
  • Kuze claims to keep his face frozen and emotionless to keep it "perfect". This makes sense when you consider that his long lost childhood crush was not only The Stoic, but introduced to him waving off a doctor who was "helping" her smile.
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  • The track Go DA DA, often associated with Gouda, seems utterly baffling at first, until you remember that Gouda wants to stand out and be memorable so badly that he treats a hideous facial injury as a fashion accessory and refuses to get it fixed. And what's more memorable than a sinister kazoo theme?

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