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Fridge Brilliance

  • Appligattai seems to take elements from both Digixros/Digifuse And Digivolving. taking the multiple characters becoming one from the former while taking the level system from the later. applinking also seems like a temporary boost like in former series where antagonistic digimon would absorb other digimon to get stronger
  • Mienumon/Warudamon losing so easily may seem like a let down, but it makes sense, since she's never once fought head on, always relying on sneaky/dirty tactics. It makes sense her actual combat abilities are nearly non-existent.
  • Some combinations for Ultimate Grade Appmon are pretty much reference to the application/subjects that they're based on
    • Gatchmon's Globemon, based after the Globalization, is the combination of Gatchmon (Search App), Navimon (Navigation App), and Timemon (Timeslip App). The very things that make modern Globalization possible is the ability to 'search' for information around the world, the accuracy in the address of location, and the standardization of time. Lack of information and you will know nothing, lack of address and you will lose about where you should go, and lack of standardized time and you will have a hard time synchronizing your plan with forginer's.
      • Keeping up with the times will also keep you from becoming outdated and unreliable.
    • Hackmon's Revivemon, Based after Data Recovery and possibly System Restore, is the combination of Hackmon (Hacking App), Protectmon (Protection App, possibly like Firewall or Antivirus), and Dezipmon (Zip App). It might be weird that the Hacking Appmon will get something like file restoration-based power like this, but not only there're Yin-Yang Bomb Trope in effect, but also the fact that many thing Hackmon did in the series is to hack and access information. And with power to restore destroyed information, he can hack and access to everything. Also, Data Restoration is the last method to restore your system after your computer is bombarded by something that get through all of your 'protection', and most of the time, you need your 'zipped' backup to perfectly restore your computer to its original state.
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    • Dokamon evolves into the chubby Dosukamon by fusing with Perorimon, and then into the buff Oujamon by fusing with Coachmon, also the themes of Dosukamon and Oujamon involves types of wrestling, sumo and professional respectively.
    • Entermon, The Entertainment App, is evolved from Mediamon, based after Media Player App that allow you to play, well, media for 'entertainment', which in turn evolved from Musimon, Music App that allow you to listen to music, and Recomon, based after sound recording app. And what kind of entertainment is if it's no music, no recording, and no way to play media?
      • Likewise, Entermon itself is a fusion of Mediamon with Dreamon, who represents the creativity that goes into quality entertainment.
  • App Link allows two Appmons to share their power and, sometime, evolves to the next Grade. In real life, many smartphone application, especially social media and browser apps, has capability to 'link' to another applications that can handle the jobs better than itself (like Facebook is able to link you to Safari or YouTube to open your website or video respectively.)
  • Why there're needed of Seven Codes App and Dantemon to access the Deep Web. The definition of the Deep Web is basically "Web that Search Engine can't enter" and Dark Web is "Deep Web that you need special program and authority to access." Dantemon is just happen to be that 'special program' that can open the gate to Deep and Dark Web. Also, at least 3 Seven Code Appmons are themselves the user of Deep Web: Mailmon (no one can access your mail account by google it, right?), Gomimon (Point of erasing the file is to make it inaccessible, am I right?), and Medicmon (Depending on how it actually functions, if it's using private information, those information MUST not be able to search on your Google.)
    • And why Dantemon's easily being Taken for Granite by Leviathan? Dark Web contains all source of things, including hacking services and dangerous malware-infected websites, and without correct preparation, your computer can end up just like Dantemon: being attacked by malicious software when you're not expecting it.
  • Ultimate 4 Appmons are too similar to many generic Dystopia tropes; Charismatic/Mind Controling dictatorship (Charismon), Bread And Circus and beautiful city (Beautymon) that hide the dark truth (Fakemon), and the modification on human (Biomon). Yeah, Haru, I don't think we gonna got the ideal world from Leviathan now.