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Magnemite Line

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]

  • Magnemite [#81]
o Magnemite is a small grey orb with a single large eye. There is a magnet attached to either side of the orb, which spin rapidly. Most Magnemite also have several metal objects, such as screws, attached somewhere onto their body.

  • Magneton [#82]
o Magneton resembles, and indeed is, three Magnemite stuck together. They are commonly found in an inverted ‘v’ shape, but other configurations have been recorded. The eyes of the three Magnemites usually point in entirely different directions, suggesting some level of shared intelligence.

  • Magnezone [#462]
o Magnezone resembles a large blue oval, with a smaller sphere on each side. All three objects have an eye similar to those of the previous forms, but with a noticeable red coloration. A blue ‘ring’ closely wraps around Magnezone's body. There is a magnet attached to the underside of each sphere, which spin in a similar manner to Magnemite's. There is a screw mounted on top of each sphere, and a large yellow antenna on the oval. The top of the oval is grey.

Notable Biology

Magnemite are able to repel themselves from the earth’s magnetic field by building up a strong magnetic field of their own through rotation; this ability allows them to float in midair. Their bodies appear to be made from iron, making them inflexible but impervious to most methods of attack. The magnetic fields they generate attract various metal objects. Though a few of these pose no problem, Magnemite will occasionally lower their magnetic field in order to jettison the excess weight gained by this.


Magneton is not a standard evolution, but rather three Magnemite who have been caught in each other’s magnetic fields. Newly formed Magneton often strain against each other in an attempt to escape, but they gradually form a symbiosis with each other, eventually ceasing to act as independent beings. The shared magnetic field is known to be strong enough to cause a slight increase in temperature around the Mageton. Though the field itself is stronger, Magneton has a harder time repelling itself from the ground thanks to the increased weight. This has caused their weight to appear higher than it actually is. (NOTE: Due to their tendency to scramble electronic devices and the anti-gravity field they generate, it is difficult to get an accurate measurement of the weight of these creatures.)

It has recently been discovered that prolonged exposure to the unique magnetic field of Mt. Coronet in Sinnoh can cause a ‘pseudo-evolution’ in Magneton, resulting in a being dubbed Magnezone. Magnezone’s magnetic field is considerably stronger than Magneton's. All traces left in the subject Magneton of independent thought among the Magnemite vanishes upon evolution. Experiments have been conducted on Magnezone to see if they may be ‘evolved’ further, but no such result was found. It has been confirmed that other areas besides Mt. Coronet may cause this change, as trainers who travel to Unova have had their Magnetons evolve in the magnetically charged caverns of Chargestone Cave.



Magnemite is a common sight around areas with strong electricity, such as power plants, generators, or even just brightly lit cites.

Magneton are found in much the same areas, but are rarer. They also appear to be sensitive to the sun's magnetic field, causing them to appear in greater numbers in areas where sunspot activity is abnormally high.

There are no recorded sightings of Magnezone in the wild, so it is unknown what habitat they prefer.



Magnemite do not ‘eat’ in the traditional sense, but rather absorb energy directly into their bodies. This mostly means electrical energy; they are often found siphoning energy off of power plants or generators. They also feed parasitically off of Electric Pokemon, such as Electabuzz, Ampharos, and Manetric. It is believed that before humans commonly used electricity, Electric Pokemon were Magnemite’s only food source.

Magneton has the same diet as Magnemite; however, it requires three times the energy intake that Magnemite needs, due to its being three Magnemite joined together.

Magnezone has much the same diet as Magnemite and Magneton, but in greater quantities.


Magnemite are considered a nuisance among power plant workers, due to their tendency to drain the grid’s power. The workers commonly put up ‘Magnemite Fences’ around the perimeter of the plant in an effort to keep the Magnemite away. Large enough swarms of Magnemite can cause mass blackouts, but a single one is enough to drain a single home of power.

Magneton, traveling in large enough numbers, have been known to cause electrical storms in extreme cases.

All three morphs should never be allowed to be in close proximity to sensitive equipment, especially electronic devices such as credit cards and computers, as the magnetic field they emit is often fatal to these devices.

Magnemite are typically docile, preferring to ignore all but the most persistent of attackers, but they are capable of attacking with a small electrical charge if provoked. This trait is present in Magneton and Magnezone as well, but the charge will be stronger, making the later two evolutions more dangerous.

Courting and Childrearing

Magnemite and its evolutions reproduce asexually.

When a Magnemite has an uncommonly high amount of energy, it will split in a process similar to cell mitosis, dividing its energy equally between the two resultant Magnemites. If the parent Magnemite was part of a Magneton, the energy and mass for the child is taken equally from all three. There are no recorded cases of Magnezone reproducing.

Social Structure

Magnemite travel in swarms that often contain several Magenton. However, there is no obvious communication of any kind among the members of a swarm, leading to speculation that they were solitary prior to the advent of power plants, and as such Magneton would be formed only rarely. This theory is consistent with studies that have shown that the number of Magneton sightings has exponentially increased over the past century.

Trainer’s Notes

A poorly trained Magnemite will simply ignore most commands, as they are not used to communication. Punishing them for disobedience is difficult, as not much can effectively harm their metal skin without causing irreparable damage. As such, they should be slowly encouraged, and rewarded with a small flashlight or similar device when they obey your commands.

Newly evolved Magneton are often confused and erratic, so attempting to train them in any way before they form symbiosis is a risky endeavor.

Magnezone, by contrast, are usually well adjusted to captivity and humans, making them fairly easy to train. However, the electrical power they hold is significant and should not be taken lightly.

DO NOT, under any circumstances, let any of the morphs near any electronics you can’t afford to lose.

Written by Gilphon.


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