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Lake Guardians

Morphs [Oak Catalog #]/[Rowan Catalog #]

  • Uxie [#480]/[#146]
  • Mesprit [#481]/[#147]
  • Azelf [#482]/[#148]

Physical Descriptions

The Lake Guardians are a trio of Psychic-type Legendary Pokémon. They are all nearly identical looking, with the heads being the only differing feature. They each have a red jewel encrusted in their forehead and a small gray-blue body with a rotund stomach, and two proportionally long arms, each tipped with two tiny digits. They also have short feet with no digits, a pair of long ribbon-like tails with a red jewel at the center of the tips of each, and a pair of yellow eyes, though Uxie's are never usually seen open. Uxie has a yellow head which resembles a cross between a helmet and a human brain, Mesprit has a magenta head with four drooping appendages, and Azelf has a cyan, vaguely cone-shaped head.

Lore and History

Long ago, after Arceus created the universe, and created Dialga, Palkia and Giratina, it had banished Giratina to the Distortion World for its violent nature. To prevent the same thing happening again, it laid a fourth egg, whose embryo split into three. Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf hatched from this same egg. With this, they brought spirit to the world, and were granted by Arceus the ability to calm Dialga and Palkia should they rampage. Arceus then went into eternal slumber, sealed in the Hall of Origin.

Uxie, the bringer of Knowledge, brought humans the ability to solve problems and improve their quality of life. Mesprit, the bringer of Emotion, taught the nobility of sorrow, pain, and joy to humans. Azelf, the bringer of Willpower, gave humans the determination to face any of life's difficulties. All three are greatly revered for their benevolent nature and gifts to humanity.

However, not all humans had held the guardians in such high esteem. During the incident known as the Team Galactic incident, the eponymous criminals had captured and caged the three sprites, and from their tail jewels, crafted an awful weapon called the Red Chain. They created it with the intent of seizing control of the guardians of Time and Space, Dialga and Palkia. However, once the team's leader Cyrus had vanished into the Distortion World, the Red Chain was dismantled, and its parts returned to their owners. The three guardians then flew off to their respective lakes to restore balance to the Sinnoh Region.

Known Sightings

Sightings in Sinnoh have become rare over the past few decades, and the three have been regarded as little more than a myth. However, the three lakes said to contain the guardians have occasionally shone light into the sky and the few trainers able to visit the lakes have swore that they saw the lakes' respective legendaries. Uxie is said to reside in Lake Acuity, whereas lakes Verity and Valor are home to Mesprit and Azelf, respectively. However, Mesprit has been known not to stay at Lake Verity for very long, and has been spotted along various areas in the region, even flying over bodies of water.

Reports of sightings around Unova have surfaced in recent years, with Uxie being seen outside the Nacrene Museum, Mesprit being seen around the Celestial Tower on Route 7 and Azelf being spotted around Route 23. Although the population has often wondered how they have reached Unova, it is theorised that Route 20's Cave of Being, which scientists describe as being connected to Sinnoh, may have something to do with their sudden appearance. Reports of sightings to the east of Sootopolis City in Hoenn have also arisen, with the unnamed cavern there (nicknamed the Guardian Cavern by locals) being the supposed home. Additionally, each one has been spotted at different times of the day in Hoenn, according to the reports; Mesprit is seen during the day, Azelf can be found at night, and Uxie has only ever been spotted at twilight hours. The reason for this is not currently known, as they have all been spotted at most hours in other regions.



As Psychic-type Pokémon, the three of them have strong psychic powers and access to a wide variety of techniques. It appears that Uxie employs mostly defensive techniques, Azelf employs mostly offensive techniques, and Mesprit can employ a mix of the two. Additionally, as mentioned above, they have a calming air about them and can pacify the legendary Dialga and Palkia, which are otherwise incredibly dangerous and risky to approach. Additionally, all three have the ability to separate their body and spirit without dying, and join them back together at will, and have been reported to be able to teleport themselves, along with people and other Pokémon.


Over time, some effects of exposure to the guardians in certain ways has been observed and written about. Although all three are benevolent beings, Uxie is shy, Mesprit is playful and mischievous, and Azelf is cautious. However, if threatened, they can fight back, and are exceptionally strong, so engaging them in battle is considered incredibly unwise. It is said that Uxie's eyes are always closed because it can wipe the memories of those who see its eyes. A human who touches Mesprit is reported to have their emotions drained from their body. Additionally, if a human brings any harm to Azelf, seven days later they will find that they have been completely immobilized and can no longer move.


The three Lake Guardians have been known to choose humans matching their personalities as their connection to the world when chaos is imminent. Uxie will choose a knowledgeable and wise person as its connection, emotional control and connections are favoured by Mesprit, and Azelf will connect with someone who has an unbending will.

Written by AgentParadox with lore help from Shadao and rmctagg09. If you have any ideas for revisions or edits, send me a PM. If I don't respond... Consult the thread.


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