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Close Kept Fire by Pargoletta

  • Recommended by: Yisfidri
  • Crossover with: Romeo and Juliet
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: The romance of Silvia, daughter of the Duke of Milan, culminates in her marriage to Valentine Rinuccini, a gentleman of Verona. But after the wedding, she must come to terms with her all too human reality. References to past abuse. A Caroverse story.
  • Comments: A lovely continuation that explores Silvia's feelings, her relationship with her new husband Valentine, and her attitude toward the other characters, following the canonical events of the play. Her new kinsfolk include Valentine's older brother Mercutio and other characters from Romeo and Juliet. All of these characters play a part in Silvia's journey of self-discovery, and the strange and controversial elements of the play (and especially the final scene) are also given wonderfully plausible context here. This story is part of the Caro-verse series.
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  • Pairing(s): Silvia/Valentine, Mercutio/Benvolio, Julia/Proteus, Romeo/Juliet.

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