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Fanfic Recs / Biting the Sun

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A Real Sky by tori_siikanen (ceeainthereforthat)

  • Recommended by: Capt Equinox
  • Status: Dormant
  • Synopsis: Many rorls after the events in Lee's two books, a Jang in Four BEE explores her/his attraction to a friend, manages to argue the QRs into bending a couple of rules, and is puzzled by bizarre memories. This is "gen" with romance and sex (PG-13 to R) between the narrator and his/her friend.
  • Comments: This Unofficial Sequel has been in progress since about 2004. It originally appeared on Livejournal as Look for the Sky. It's an insightful work which adds many details in perfect keeping with the original — among other things, you find out how to design a new body, how to buy clothing, and what really goes on in the Adventure Palace — and addressing questions and situations that Lee overlooked.

    "I really do mean to finish it, and then I can tell jokes about how long it took to write."

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