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Fanfic / Passionate Pragmatism

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Passionate Pragmatism is an Attack on Titan fanfiction by Troper nbs4. It focuses on the non-canon relationship of Erwin Smith/Hange Zoe.

It can be read here. However, a more complete collection of the storyline can be read here amidst some more unrelated writing.

  • For Happiness: It's pretty much word-for-word stated that this is their main goal in life. In fact, Erwin and Hange are so utilitarian that they actually value what would maximize happiness for humanity more than each other.
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  • Goal in Life: Erwin and Hange write out their shared life goals on a piece of paper, and they devote themselves to those goals with the intention of getting them completed to the best of their ability.
  • The Needs of the Many: Erwin feels very guilty for all the possibly-unnecessary sacrifices he's made, though he continues to make the tough choices in favor of what he hopes will maximize happiness.

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