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Fan Fic Recs / Supreme Commander

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The New Age by The Winged Pyro That Drowned

  • Recommended by: Doomguy
  • Status: Seems to be abandoned as the author's moved on from
  • Synopsis: Vex. Brilliant Cybran, inventor, troublemaker, annoyer. ACU pilot? Almost. Join him and his friends as they go on a pretty big adventure through their last years of schooling before it's officially called training, and watch as their daily life and general time-wasting activities go haywire!
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  • Tags: No explicit smut but two characters have explicitly been stated to have a sexual relationship; occasional in-universe politics.

The Infinite War Series by Philippe Painchaud

  • Recommended by: lordferrok
  • Status: Complete. Multiple books
  • Synopsis: A series based on the games spanning from 20 pre-Supcom to 5 years post-FA, follows Zach Arnold and many other Characters from the game as well as several characters the author created, all of whom fit in well with the theme of the games.
  • Tags: Major Character Death, Cussing, Use of Alcohol, Use of Drugs, no smut sorry, lots of insanity, great humor.

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