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Drinking Game / Tamagotchi Video Adventures

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Drinking Game for Tamagotchi Video Adventures.

  • Whenever you see a golden egg, drink.
    • If a Tamagotchi carries the egg, drink twice.
  • Whenever Pochitchi and Mimitchi start to change emotions for everything on the TV, drink.
  • Drink whenever Kuchipatchi or Zuccitchi hit their golf balls.
  • Drink when Mimitchi screams the first time because the TV is just static.
    • Drink twice when he does it again.
  • Whenever Kuchipatchi and Zuccitchi make holes in one, drink.
    • Drink twice whenever both shoot for the same hole.
  • Drink whenever the Gotchi King talks.
  • Drink whenever you hear "Go-tchi".
  • Drink if you hear the name of an object.
    • Drink twice if the object is in the museum.
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