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  • For Lost Media Chronicles, take a shot when..
    • Randy uses a superfluous word such as "basically", "suddenly" or "however". Take a second shot if the sentence would have worked just fine without it.
    • Fred makes an unnecessary appearance.
    • Randy tells some sort of a personal story completely unrelated to the media.
      • Take a second shot if it added absolutely nothing to the overall quality of the video.
    • the background music drowns out Randy's voice.
    • the background music doesn't match what Randy's talking about.
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    • the background music is some sort of in-joke.
      • down an entire bottle of whiskey if you understood the joke without explanation, you hipster weirdo.
    • the background music is some little known band.
      • become a lifetime alcoholic out of guilt and shame if you can name every artist and song without reading the credits.
    • Randy references a past episode.
      • Take an additional shot if you haven't seen the episode and have NO idea what he's talking about.
    • the episode is about something obscure.
      • Take an additional shot if you still don't care even after the episode.
      • Down the entire bottle if you didn't care before but now you care far too much.
  • For 2Beats+, take a shot when...
    • Fred makes an unnecessary appearance.
    • Fred makes a necessary appearance.
    • Hell, just take a shot whenever Fred makes an appearance.
    • The henchmen high-five each other or make some sort of nod to the camera.
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    • Randy and Trey/ Jordan argue about something stupid.
    • Randy forgets a line and there's an awkward pause. (WARNING: MAY CAUSE ALCOHOL POISONING!)
    • Randy references Lost Media Chronicles.
    • Randy references some obscure band you've never heard of.
    • Randy references a 2Beats+ episode you haven't seen yet.
    • An unnecessary plot thread appears.

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