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  • Missing Episode:
    • For the Lost Media Chronicles, there is the Jeff Buckley episode, which many viewers have called his best episode (usually only disputed with the Brad Jones episode). Due to Sony Music Entertainment pulling the video with a copyright claim, it was missing for a few months. The video was reuploaded in its complete form, much to the happiness of fans.
    • YouTube pulled episode 3, and because Randy lost the hard drive where the original file was kept, it seemed unlikely to show up again soon. However, it managed to resurface.
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    • Episode 49, the one about dubs that featured a voiceover that sounded dead and monotonal as a joke, has now become this as well. Randy stated he had to remove it after his removal from the Lost Media Wiki after the collaborator on it had a fallout with him.
  • Old Shame: As far as Shoegazer Productions goes, Randy is starting to feel this way about 2Beats+, stating at one point in a V-Log that he kind of cringes when he watches it now.
  • Schedule Slip: Starting in 2018, videos started to be posted more infrequently than ever due to creative burnout. As of September of 2018 both The Lost Media Chronicles and Adventures in Vinyl-Land have remained inactive for over 2 months.

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