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Drinking Game / Rhett & Link

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Take a drink every time Rhett and/or Link:

  • Stutters, stumbles or struggles to say a word or sentence.
  • Gets angry.
  • Behaves like a child.
  • Make fun of each other.
  • Sings.
  • Gives bad parenting advice.
  • Says something inappropriate.
  • Eats something disgusting or gets pain inflicted.
  • Hiccups because they ate something spicy.
Every time Rhett:
  • Obsesses over food.
  • Mentions a nickname he had in high school.
  • Mentions the apocalypse.
  • Rants about something.
Every time Link:
  • Screws up poorly.
  • Breaks something or injures somebody.
  • Fights with Jen.

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