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Drinking Game / Planet Earth

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  • Take a drink every time the camera shows charismatic megafauna.
    • Take two drinks if they are a mother bear and her cubs.
      • Finish your drink if the bear family in question consists of wild pandas.
  • Take a drink every time you see time-lapse photography.
  • Take a drink whenever the music is clearly from the geographical region being currently filmed.
  • Take a drink every time the narrator discusses seasonal changes in the Sun's rays or the availability of water.
  • Finish the bottle whenever David Attenborough tells a dirty joke.
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  • Yell "Drink!" whenever there is footage of animals around a water hole.
  • Take a shot every time a predator takes a shot at catching its prey.
    • Take another if the predator misses narrowly and Attenborough comments on its bad luck/timing.
  • Take a shot every time an over exaggerated sound effect plays when an animal catches prey.

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