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Drinking Game / Elsword

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  • Take a shot whenever someone shouts the name of his attack.
    • Two if it's not the main characters.
  • Take a shot whenever your opponent uses an attack that reduces Knockdown.
    • Take two when the Knockdown is completely reset.
  • Take a shot whenever someone is stunned.
    • Two if it's for longer than 2 seconds.
    • Three if it's because of a Hyperactive.
  • Take a shot whenever you see someone with a +11 weapon.
    • Two for +12.
  • Take a shot whenever you finish a Secret Dungeon.
    • Two for Luto mode.
  • Take a shot whenever someone dies.
    • Two if they can't resurrect themselves.
    • Three if they were AFKing in raid.
  • Take a shot whenever someone finishes Henir's Space and Time.
    • Two if it's your own party.
  • Take a shot whenever it's announced what someone got from a burner. This will ruin your liver.
    • Take two if it's a rare item and three if you yourself dropped said rare item.
  • Take a shot when you are oneshotted.
    • Two if it was due to Ring of Fury.
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  • Take a shot for each panty shot you encounter.
  • Take a shot whenever you see model parts glitching in each other. Don't do this for players standing inside other players, your liver will hate you.
  • Take a shot when you see a player over level 25 staying base.
  • Take a shot during Ain's story quest each time you encounter a scene which has not been dubbed in English yet.
  • Go to the nearest bar and drink until you are ordered out if a new character/class is released and you see the server flooded with that character/class. This will likely be a yearly occurrence.
  • Take a shot for every time a Ponggo says "pong".
  • Take a shot every time Aisha or Eve insult Elsword's intelligence.
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