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Once upon a time, the knight Bradamante fought for Charlemagne against the Saracens. That time has long passed, and the participants in that saga are all dead and gone. France is now facing turmoil of a different kind. And with Bradamante's descendants in danger of being wiped out by revolutionaries, she returns to Earth as a ghost to save them.


Bradamante - The ghost of the knight from The Matter Of France. She is able to appear to people in dreams; outside of them, she is visible only to her descendants. She is also able to possess her descendants. She has combat knowledge and the wisdom of the ages, but it's not always that useful when her methods of combat are outmoded and her chosen weapons unwieldy and hard to come by, plus her experience has left her inflexible and convinced she's Seen It All. She's stern and determined, and doesn't take failure well. Also, unwaveringly incorruptible in her principles, convinced of her rightness, and willing to fight and kill for what she believes in...sound like anyone? That said, her belief in The Power of Love and her commitment to Never Hurt an Innocent keep her from jumping off the slippery slope. She has a wild side which comes out when she fights.


Robespierre - Our Big Bad. A brilliant yet proud Well-Intentioned Extremist just as principled as our heroine. He's intellectual, quick witted, and an eloquent orator, which makes him great at giving a Hannibal Lecture. He believes himself to be stoic and ruled by reason, but in reality, he nurses a budding God Complex. He's also unexpectedly physically tough. His goals are honorable, but he believes in the use of terror to spread them.


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