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A work-in-progress story by The Lucky Star.

Starlight Days tells the story of Lucky Starlight, a young "star elf" who lives on the small rural moon, Velda. He finds a trinket in the shape of a golden ring, which he believes is a gift from the goddess Lafina. He quickly finds that the ring is highly valued by thieves and villains all across the galaxy. He's found by a wild and daring outlaw named Jango, who invites him to join his rag-tag crew and join their quest to explore the furthest reaches of the cosmos, fighting bad guys and righting wrongs wherever they find it. Lucky is more than happy to help, seeing this as an opportunity to live out his childhood fantasies of universal adventuring.


Of course, things aren't as simple as they seem. Jango and his crew are in a deadly war with the Schwarzsol Empire, an enigmatic and powerful organisation that terrorises the cosmos through fear and an iron fist; a war that could decide the fate of the entire universe. As the crew travels across the cosmos, exploring a variety of exciting and colourful new worlds, recruiting new crew members and battling the Empire's forces, they come to understand the true forces at work beneath the surface...

It's a story about adventure, friendship, courage, determination, belief, good and evil, fear, love, hope and, above all, following your dreams. It's ultimately quite an idealistic story, but with plenty of rough rides, heartache, cynicism and over-the-top action thrown in as well. Think the determined good-versus-evil combat of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann mixed with the colourful environments of Klonoa and the idealistic dream-chasing of One Piece and you're more or less on the right track. Of course, that's all up to opinion. A story is whatever you make of it.


Character Sheet in the works.


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