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A project set up by some of the members of Court Records, to create a superhero comic out of the Ace Attorney series. The current head of the project is Gerkuman

Phoenix Wright was a lawyer, until a brush with an evil red-headed girl on his first case almost caused him to be disbarred. It didn't help that the red-headed Dahlia happened to be a supervillain known as Miss Murder, and attempted to kill him. After being saved by the ice-powered superheroine Comet, he finds out she's also Mia Fey, the new Congressman and she's looking for a new hero to take under her wing...

Now, 3 years later, Phoenix is Lawyerman, a new hero on the block. But when Comet is killed, he finds himself doing battle with the criminal element with only his trusty assistant Stargazer (Mia Fey), pint-sized powerhouse Starstorm (Pearl Fey), The reluctant Mayor (The Judge), and the police force; Comissioner Gumshoe, Sergeant Mike Meekins and secret hero Miss Fortune (Maggey Byrd).


Well, there's also the shady Cravatman (Miles Edgeworth) who has his own agenda, several shadowy hero teams that don't stick fully on the right side of the law, and 'Brushel & Hart: Ace News!' (Who cause more trouble than they solve, sometimes)

The project is in desperate need of writers, artists and idea brainstormers. The discussion topic is here. (Court Records account neccesary), and the Wiki is here. The TV Tropes forum topic isn't created yet, since I'm not sure if we're allowed to make those.


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