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"I realize they have my sister. Soon they'll realize I have a sword."

Last Legacy 7 is a game that will come out some day, and it will be made by Alek Burnes unless he should perish.

This is its page on TV Tropes, created long before its release (perhaps to make the creator feel smug at some point in the future for having planned this thing far out in advance as a form of viral advertising. Or something.)


Last Legacy 7 is his love letter to just about every single video game he has played and loved, although the main baseline for its creation is set upon a foundation of JRPGs.

This work's world has already been developing for the past couple of years (as of 2011) and it will continue to be developed for some time until it is deemed complete and, soon thereafter, released.

Attempts will be made to keep this page as crucial!Spoiler-free as possible considering this work has not yet been released.



Hopeless. Meaningless.
But still standing.


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