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Cirrus is an upcoming RPG for Windows and Android about life, death, and the gap between them.

It's a still night. Cold wind blows through the air as an unsettling presence creeps over the cityscape.On its outskirts, a tragedy has come to a head. A young girl, 14 or 15, has drawn her last breath, slumped over in her creaking chair.

The young girl, Iris, awakens slowly, staring at the golden gate she now finds in front of her. Coming to her senses, she stands up and looks around, wispy clouds surrounding her and comforting her anxiety on every side. Timidly, Iris approaches the gate and slowly pushes it open, entering the domain of the angels - La D'etat la Ciel, or, in simpler terms - Heaven. Slowly, she tiptoes around, taking in the glowing scenery. An overcast and calming gold drapes over the premises of the area and white, fluffy haze lines floors. While searching around, the girl notices a childish figure standing in the distance. Sheepishly, she approaches it and its figure becomes clearer... A young boy, meek and short of stature.


"Who... are you?" Iris whispers to the boy, kneeling to be level with him."...I've got a few names... But, just call me God."

From there, God explains to Iris that he controls the heavens, as well as the domain she formerly resided in - Domaine la Lumière, or, Reality. Confirming to the girl that she has passed on, the realm around her serves as a grim reminder of her morality. However, God feels conflicted - Iris hadn't yet had the chance to experience life. It was stolen out of her grasp, right at the time of her blooming. As such, God makes a deal with her: If she does what he asks of her, he'll give her a second chance at life. Jumping at this opportunity, Iris immediately accepts God's offer. Telling her that she will begin working tomorrow, God escorts Iris to Maison Vanille, the hotel where souls sleep.


"Hey, God... This place, it seems pretty empty, doesn't it?""Ah... The world around you right now is a mirror of your heart - itonly shows that which you have let in. Everyone has their own little 'Heaven',and in it, lies reflections of who and what they love.It's easy to see why yours is empty, isn't it?""...I see... Yeah. I understand, now."

The next morning, Iris awakens to start her first assignment, taking papers to Naissance la Révélation, Heaven's hospital as well as its locale for records and information. On her way, however, she meets another girl, around her age - strange, considering what God had told her the prior night. The girl introduces herself as Aloe. Her sarcastic and sassy demeanor shows to be somehow endearing, as Iris allows her to accompany her on her job. The two get to know eachother, expressing mutual concern about their situation. Aloe reveals to Iris that she has no memory of anything before her arrival in La Ciel, being just as confused as Iris about her appearance. Iris reaches out to Aloe, promising her that she'll help her recover her memory. After their talk, they reach the hospital and Iris puts away the papers, leaving swiftly to God with Aloe in tow.


Upon arrival, God is slightly ajar by the appearance of Aloe, but nonetheless explains to Iris that the current circumstances have taken a drastic turn for the worse - souls in La Lumière are committing suicide at an alarming rate. God explains to Iris and Aloe that when a person takes their own life, their soul doesn't properly make the journey to La Ciel - only half of it arrives there. The other half, filled with sorrow and anguish, roams the land mindless and scared, knowing not of its own death. This could potentially create a rip in the fabric of reality itself, as half-souls are unstable and can alter and corrupt their surrounding environment. The only way to stop this is to mercifully kill them, merging the two halves together and putting them at peace.

Understanding the reality of the situation, Iris volunteers to go to La Lumière to help purge the broken souls and clear up the problems they're causing. Pleased with her eagerness, God holds out his hand, a magnificent blade of angel wings materializing in his grasp. Its name; Iridesca. He hands it to Iris, and explains that it's a Purger, a blade specifically created to extinguish malformed souls without causing them pain. Concerned with their prior promise, God tells Iris not to worry, that if she excels in this, she will still be able to return to the land of the living. With Aloe tagging along, Iris descends with Iridesca to begin a painful and long struggle...

Elsewhere, a black haired boy looks down at the blowing grass beneath him.

"So... it's happening again."

Basically in Development Hell, but with a planned 2016 release.


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