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Continuity Nod / BoJack Horseman

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BoJack Horseman has a consistent recollection for characters, events and even minor pieces of information that no one would remember or pay attention, often bringing them back in unexpected ways.


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    Season 1 
Zoes And Zeldas
  • The ottoman that Sarah Lynn burned down last episode is still there in BoJack's living room.
"Our A-Story is a 'D' Story"
  • Hollywood is now referred to as "Hollywoo" after the events of this episode.

    Season 2 
After The Party
  • BoJack's broken windshield that he gets from hitting a deer is seen in later episodes.
  • Mr. Peanutbutter gets shirts to commemorate the occasion of Diane's birthday, which she can be seen wearing in later episodes.

    Season 3 
Best Thing That Ever Happened
  • The episode concludes with BoJack reversing his car through the window of his living room and into the pool. The glass remained broken until Season 4, episode 6.

    Season 4 
Stupid Piece of Sh*t
  • Felicity Huffman calls out BoJack over all the crap he's thrown from his balcony over the years, including the notorious vomited cotton candy that stayed there for a month before sliding into her hot-tub.
    Season 5 
The Amelia Earhart Story
  • A background gag has a gun shop turned weed dispensary - referencing the previous season's banning of all guns in California.


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