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Characters / The Creatures of Supernatural

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The Page for The Creatures of Supernatural Characters.

Warning: Most Spoilers are unmarked!

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Main Characters

    Sky Treewinds 
The main protagonist for most of the series. He is a kind and caring fairy, however, he has severe depression and anxiety, as revealed in Book 2. He aspires to be a writer.
  • Adorkable: Always willing to excitingly to talk to someone about something.
  • Demoted to Extra: Temporarily. In the Dark World arc, Sky makes only a few appearances as he's trapped down there.
  • Narrator: The most common character to have a POV.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: When it comes to the plot, Sky becomes serious about the current conflict.
    Phillip Clawrider 
One of the deuteragonists and one of Sky's best friends. His is incredibly mischievous wolfin but serious when it comes to certain situations, he is quite insecure of his short stature.
    Ally Rockwolf 
One of the deuteragonists and Sky's big sister figure. She is a headstrong and friendly werewolf, She is incredibly overprotective of Sky. Including when it comes to his friendship with Joey.
    Klawix Magicgazer 
One of the tritagonists and an intelligent warlock. He is the brains of most operations in the story, but he can also be comedic.
    Olivia Woodbrand 
One of the tritagonists and a fairy. She is awkward and anxious, but also intelligent and kind.
    Rose Havenblade 
One of the tetragonists and a neko. She is creative and generous, using her fashion talents to help others. She is a relationship with Rich.
One of the tetragonists and a ghost that was once human. He goes by Rich for short. He is funny and not very serious, except for the fact that he wishes more than anything to be reunited with his human family.

Supernatural Town Inhabitants

Older Students

    Andy Ashpire 
    The Heroic Hunters 
    Joey Stormswolf 
    The Mean Miscreants 
    Ally's Wolf Pack 
    Cody Moonglow 
    Mabel Dawnvale 
    Mia Rivershell 
    Lance Whitrock 
    Riley Darkslash 
    Ariyana Whiteheart 
    Justin Cloudhunter 
    Ingrid Lunacreek 
    Draven Nighspirit 
    Adelina Fernsurge 

Younger Students

    Nami and Selene 

Teachers and Staff

    Ms. Karina Chapbell 
    Ms. Lily Silvermist 
    Mrs. Reed 
    Mrs. Serenity Serene 
    Sofia and Valeria 
    The Headmaster 






Forbidden Lands

    King Nakir 
    Aunt Ariel 
    Lord Eldridge 
    Empress Lumina 

The Council of Supernaturals


Adults and Siblings

    Mrs. and Dr. Treewinds 
    Lydia and Nathan Clawrider 
    King and Queen Stormswolf 
    Joey's siblings 

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