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Captain Tony Christopher

US Air Force F-16 pilot in South Korea.

Anne Larson

Civilian contractor of the US Army involved in computerized logistics in Seoul.

General John Duncan McLaren

Commander of both US and South Korean forces on the peninsula.

Second Lieutenant Kevin Little

New US Army officer posted to South Korea as platoon leader.

South Koreans

General Park

Highest-ranking military official of South Korea.

Second Lietenant Rhee Han-Gil

Officer in South Korea's army assigned as liaison to Kevin's platoon.

North Koreans

Kim Il-Sung

Current supreme leader of North Korea.

Kim Jong-Il

Son of Kim Il-Sung, and leader of North Korea's military apparatus.
  • Big Bad: Despite not being in the top positon, he is the one who masterminds Red Phoenix.


Colonel Sergei Ivanovitch Borodin

Head of the Soviet Mi G-29 training team sent to North Korea.

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