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Characters / Marvel Cinematic Fanfiction Universe

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Spoilers for all stories in the Marvel Cinematic Fanfiction Universe are unmarked. Spoilers for Avengers: Endgame and Spider-Man: Far From Home are marked.

"Everyone gathered here is one of the universe’s mightiest heroes. Gods of ancient myth and legend. Powerful aliens from diverse backgrounds who stand here in the name of love and family. A nation of warriors built around an indestructible heart. Men and women given extraordinary abilities by the suits they wear. People granted inhuman power and incredible responsibilities. Sorcerers who defend this world from both physical and metaphysical threats. The universe has called us together for one reason: the end is here, and it's our job to stop it."

This page lists the many characters that appear in the Marvel Cinematic Fanfiction Universe. For an index of where specific characters appear, refer to the bottom of this page.

Heroic Individuals and Organizations

Villainous Individuals and Organizations


Neutral Individuals and Organizations

Alternate Universe Individuals and Organizations


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