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  • Captain Horatio Magellan Crunch, known to most as simply Cap'n Crunch.
  • A Fed-Ex ad features a Witness Protection man who is given the name Eric Gustafson. Unfortunately he gets it taken away and becomes Paul Matheson.
  • Isaiah Mustafa, aka The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.
  • There is a real tutor named Never Wong in Hong Kong. Just google it.

     Comic Strips 
  • There is one The Far Side cartoon about the difference between the names we give our dogs and the names they give themselves:
    Man: This is Rex, our new dog.
    Dog 1: Hello, I am known as Vexorg, Destroyer of Cats and Devourer of Chickens.
    Dog 2: I am Zornorph, the One who Comes by Night to the Neighbor's Yard, and this is Princess Sheewana, Barker of Great Annoyance and daughter of Queen La, Stainer of Persian Rugs.

  • In Lone Wolf, all the Kai have names along the lines of "Adjective Animal", given upon their initiation. Many of them follow this trope. For instance, the main character started out as "Silent Wolf", but after the rest of the order was killed in the prologue to the first book, he took on the book-naming appellation Lone Wolf.
  • In the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks, most of the main villains. Notable examples include: Mortis the Lich-Lord, Balthus Dire, Malbordus the Storm Child, Zanbar Bone, Razaak the Undying, Baron Sukumvit, Zagor, Warlock of Firetop Mountain, and Zharradan Marr (he changed it... from the marginally less cool Zharradan Dree). The good guys, meanwhile, have Vermithrax Moonchaser and Gereth Yaztromo.


     Professional Wrestling  
  • Danger Bone Destroyer, who won the NWA Nigeria Welterweight Title in 1993.
  • Marc Mero wrestled in WCW as Johnny B. Badd.
  • John Laurinaitis, the former Executive Vice President of Talent Relations of WWE and Interim General Manager of Monday Night Raw, formerly wrestled under the name "Johnny Ace". Because "Laurinaitis" is difficult to pronounce, smarks still often refer to him by his ring name.
  • Johnny Grunge of The Public Enemy.
  • Before he became John Morrison, John Hennigan's WWE name was "Johnny Nitro." He also had a series of minor appearances as "Johnny Blaze" and "Johnny Spade" before settling on "Nitro". In Lucha Underground he wrestles as Johnny Mundo.
  • British professional wrestler William Ospreay (his real name) is a high flyer who often perches on the turnbuckles like a large predatory bird.
  • Brock Lesnar sounds like a name that would belong to a badass physical killer. He is a badass physical killer, and that is his real name.

  • Johnny Dollar, the eponymous insurance investigator from the 1950s radio series Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar.
  • On It's Been A Bad Week, an item about amusing names in an 18th century Cornish county register ends with 'Abraham Thunderwolf'.

     Real Life 
  • CNN Reporter Wolf Blitzer sounds like an example of Testosterone Poisoning, but that's his actual name (and hereditary from his maternal grandfather, to boot).
  • Damian Grammaticas surely has the coolest name ever to grace the BBC's reporting staff.
  • Cardinal Sin.
  • NHL writer Sean "Down Goes Brown" McIndoe often showcases such names in his "Obscure Player of the Week" section, including Tony Twist (a name so good it was borrowed for a mobster in Spawn), Hakan Loob, Mikko Makela, Harry Mummery, and Reggie Savage.
  • A real-life criminal named Batman Bin Suparman, ironically enough.
  • British historian Robert Conquest.
  • Crystal Hooks, a Hollywood stuntwoman, best known for her body double work with Scarlett Johansson portraying Black Widow.
  • Antropologist Lionel Tiger.
  • Quite literally with Navy officer Richard Miles McCool.

  • Johnny Thunder, the lead character of LEGO Adventurers.
  • Shreddicus Maximus, one of Optimus Prime's Titan Master partnersnote  in The Transformers: Titans Return.
    • This gets lampshaded by "Shreddicus Maximus has the single greatest name of all Titan Masters."

    Theme Parks 
  • Played with in the soundtrack for Great America's Demon roller coasters, in one dialogue-segment of which a U.S. Army captain called "Bucky McMacho" tries to eliminate the ride-possessing demon by bombing it.

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