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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked. You have been warned.

  • Two come to mind for the movie. The first is when Glaeken, resisting the SS while being shot, picks one of them up and chucks his ass down a bottomless gorge. The guy's scream on the way down is a hoot. This is in contrast to the novel where Glaeken just stands there and gets shot.
    • Also Glaeken's triumphant return at the end and Molasar's reaction to it.
      Molasar: YOU!
  • Cuza's "The Reason You Suck" Speech after he almost kills his own daughter on Molasar's orders.
    Molasar: OBEY ME!!! Or I will return you to the diseased state I found you in. And I'll slay both of you!!
    Cuza: If this is yours, as you said, then you'd carry it out of the keep yourself. You can't? Then this isn't yours. And the Keep is a prison to contain you. And you have lied, exploited, and deceived. And you are the same evil as outside this place. So you prove yourself to me and take it out of here!!! YOU YOURSELF!!! TAKE IT! TAAAKE IT!


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