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Awesome / Six: The Musical

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  • The fact that the entire competition between the Wives was faked the entire time, just to point out how dumb it is to compare them, especially based off of their marriage to Henry VIII alone.
  • The entirety of "Get Down", an "I Am Great!" Song in which Anne of Cleves revels in how well her life turned out in spite of her brief marriage to Henry VIII.
  • Truthfully, the very concept, taking the six women who have historically been reduced to Henry VIII's wives and a children's rhyme about their fate and showing them reclaiming their story. Even the Bittersweet Ending has shades of this, because while they may not be able to change history, they've shared their story and made these women PEOPLE again, given them their own narratives that show them as individuals, and not just the revolving door of Henry's wives.
  • This flash mob at the Tower of London, performing the titular track "Six". Can cross into Heartwarming given that was where Katherine Howard and Anne Boleyn's executions took place, making it quite the tribute.