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Awesome / Sally Forth (Howard)

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  • When Ted stands up to Sally's mother, tells her off for belittling his wife and daughter, and calls for a taxi service to send their "bravest driver" to pick her up. Laura is actually stunned and speechless at this.
  • During the planning of Jackie's wedding to Ralph, Jackie gets her turn telling off her mom, this time for trying to hijack the planning to be what she wants and ignoring all of Sally's hard work. Crosses into Heartwarming Moment, as Jackie acknowledges that while her mom "wants what is best", Sally is the one taking Jackie's desires into consideration.
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  • While visiting his family for Thanksgiving in 2015 Ted stands up to his brothers, turning one brother's attempted insult against him before declaring that despite all his brothers' ragging he's a good husband and father and overall has a better life than they ever will. Then one of his brothers mentions that he'd just gotten divorced...
    Terry: ...Because we didn't move a thousand miles away from Mom and Dad like you did.
    Ted: So now I'm a baby who was the only one adult enough to start his own life?...You guys have been making fun of me my whole life. Sure, maybe I was horrible at sports. Maybe I was never the manliest. You know what? Forget the self-deprecating nonsense. I'm a good guy. I'm a good husband. I'm a good father. I've got a better family life and overall life than you guys will ever have!
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  • An IRS scammer calls the Forth house, and Ted takes the call. As naive as Ted may seem sometimes he's wise to the scam, and he proceeds to use his knowledge of pop culture to wind the scammer up while pretending to follow his instructions. The scammer finally hangs up in frustration when Ted asks if he accepts Monopoly money as payment.


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