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  • Anytime Ember or Danny fight an enemy, showing that they both are very powerful ghosts in their own right.
  • Ember's own Character Development in a total. She starts the story as The Mole but after a while, slowly develops into Becoming the Mask. Not only that but a unique example would be "Amberline" in her original life, Amberline was a shy, bullied girl who had no friends, this time around, Ember made her human half be as assertive as possible, as well as managing to become popular and get good grades, all on her own merit without using any of her powers in any way.

     Resurrected Memories 
  • Chapter 14 "Ghostly Payback": In this chapter, Ember manages to get revenge on Paulina for humiliating her in the cafeteria. Here, the ghostly girl uses her powers to tamper with Paulina's beauty products and makes the vain cheerleader resemble a clown. Even better, she manages to post it online for the entire school to see.
  • Chapter 16 "Questions and Confusion: When confronted by Spectra, who demands to know what Ember is up to, due to her daily long absences from the GZ, not only does Ember manages to keep her cool, but she manages to deliver a very epic half-truth, managing to tell the basis of her plan to the dark ghoul without giving away the important details and managing to get her off her back for the time being.
  • Chapter 23 "Ghost Zone Drama": In this chapter, Ember manages to give Skulker a very well-deserved beatdown after he attempted to shoot down her human form and a small child in order to hunt Danny.
  • Chapter 24 "Monday Madness" has Ember as Amberline deliver this memorable "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Paulina.
    Ember/Amberline: You know what Paulina, I've been doing a lot of thinking lately and I think I know now why you're such a bitch.
    Paulina: What did you just call me?!
    Ember/Amberline: Listen here Paulina, you're only popular because your daddy spoils you rotten and always hands everything to you on a silver platter and that you've developed pretty early and started putting out soon after to the first remotely acceptable guy that made a pass at you and now you can't stand to look at yourself in the mirror… because all you see is a spoiled, weak-minded little child who can't do anything on her own who gradually grew up into becoming a whore who's nothing without her pretty face and daddy's money to protect her. That's the reason why you go out of your way to find victims to pick on in order to both gratify your swollen ego and to avoid the inevitable realization that once high school is over, there'll be nothing left for you but memories and several possible STD's and all you'll end up becoming is little more than some scumbag's concubine who's sole survival skills will consist of nothing but these 5 words: "Daddy, I need another loan"…Am I in the ballpark?


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