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  • The final match of RXW episode 10: Rage Rider vs. a mystery opponent for the RXW Reviewer Championship in an Extreme Rules match. Rager had held the title since episode 5 and was proving unstoppable. The opponent was revealed to be a returning Apollo Z. Hack. The two then proceeded to bring the roof down, using everything from ladders, ringsteps, chairs, fake belts, drinks from the crowd, etc. to tear each other apart, both being busted open in the process. Eventually, Rage Rider retained, but Apollo had the honor of being the Imagin's toughest opponent yet and the match was the best in the RXW as of this edit, and was the capper in a trilogy of brutal matches (the other two being Apollo vs. EZ Rider in a Hell in a Cell and Spazzmaster vs. Roo in a Ladder Match for the Gamer Championship) Had the RXW ended there, it would have gone out with a bang.

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