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  • Development Hell: The announcement of RXW's return was made in December of last year, and after the announcement of the logo being made, nothing else came up.
  • Missing Episode: 7 out of the 10 episodes of season 1 are not posted anywhere, though they're apparently on Shades' computer.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Bobbert33 and Megafighter3, both of whom have contributed to RXW (Bobbert donated money to help the Shades get a PS3 and a copy of WWE '12 and Megafighter made a recreation of the RXW logo in the Create-A-Logo).
  • What Could Have Been
    • At one point, it was considered to have a match between Maffew and Spoony. But the RXW discontinued and Maffew left Reviewtopia before the match could materialize.
    • During the early return hype, Cin Wicked was running the "Year of Clamp" making him eligible for a shot at the Anime Championship. However, Cin left before that could materialize.
    • There was meant to be a 6-man elimination tag in episode 10 between The Anime Mavericks and The Clan Of the Gray Wolf, but it was lost in the process. During the hiatus, Boomer would leave the Clan and Hybrid would leave RVT. Roo and Commodore would leave RVT soon after.

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