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  • Sheldon turning down Amy's advances, and telling her to try again once she grows the hell up.
    • Then Amy gets a moment turning down someone else's advances later on in the season, complete with a slap. Perhaps some of Sheldon brushed off her... Too bad the person she turned down was just Cooper going through a meltdown over the events that drove him to the moment below.
  • Everyone tries to guilt Charlotte into identifying her rapist, but she refuses. When Cooper finds out, he doesn't ask her to identify the rapist - he just says he's going to buy a gun and make it look like a mugging, but there is no way the rapist is going to get away with it. This in turn gave Charlotte the strength to identify her attacker.
    • And then comes her rapist's Humiliation Conga. During his beating of his wife, she gave him a stabbing and cause him to be put in the ER of the very same hospital that he raped Charlotte at... Cue his Oh, Crap! face when he realizes that his operator, Sam, personally knows Charlotte and the fear of everyone in the practice wanting him dead becomes all the more real by the minute. Thankfully, it took a previous incident to help teach half the group that killing him won't solve the problem and a few speeches from that half to convince the other half that it won't be a good idea. Instead, Charlotte guilt-tripped his wife into having him arrested for the rape charge. Her "Reason You Suck" Speech towards him is just so satisfying.

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