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  • In "Addison Finds A Showerhead" Addison tells the other girls she doesn't masturbate, much to their shock. When they talk about it later, Violet tells Addison her favorite fantasy, which is, surprisingly, really sweet and wholesome (basically, she gets married to Bill Clinton after he and Hillary divorce, and the two have kids), rather than being played for Fanservice
  • Violet finds Betsy having accidentally spilled something in the kitchen at work. Betsy is HORRIFIED and looks like she's about to wet her pants. Violet unceremoniously pours an entire bottle of water out on the floor, shakes up a few bottles of soda and sprays them everywhere, and then she and Betsy giggle and sit and splash in the puddles. It looks like the first time the poor kid's laughed since her dad died.
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  • At the end of "Can't Find My Way Back Home" (S 4 E 09), where Cooper finally hears the truth about Charlotte's rape. He then goes to talk to her, declares his love to her, and is willing to ruin his life by killing the guy who raped her. Charlotte then finally stops to be a jerk, smiles, and agree to identify the guy. Charlotte being Charlotte, we have to wonder if she didn't want to face her rapist, or if she was trying to protect Cooper all along.
  • In S 4 E 21, after many hardship and ressentment, Naomi accepts to enter an abortion room in order to support both the patient and Addison performing the abortion. After that and some talk, the two resume their friendship. Hell it was about time !
  • In S 4 E 21, after everything she's been through, which is a lot of things which could break a child forever, Betsy, after her foster family gave up on her, is finally adopted by Naomi. Tears of joy.

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