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  • After being humiliated, threatened, verbally and mentally assaulted, not to mention poisoned. Justin decides that enough is enough and sets the story straight by telling Lo that he summoned him and by that regard he is his master. Basically talking down to demonic being that could easily snap him in half like a twig.
    Justin: DEMON! Foul, horrible, disgusting, demon! I am your master! You are my dog! When I summoned you, I summoned the power to command you. When I say roll over, that is exactly what you will do! I have seen you toss yourself around this room in a dozen different forms. Planting seeds in my head and laughing as you watched them grow. But I say, "No more!" I am done with the games and the trickery! I will not go away, no matter how many times you poison me! I summoned you, now I command you, Demon Lo! Scour the depths of hell, find my girl, sit her right down in front of me, and then fuck off.

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