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  • Anytime a single contestant cleared out a loaded board of prizes (each of the three columns containing five prizes each); the combined value of the 15 prizes often totaled anywhere from $19,000 to more than $40,000. Two examples, both based on circulating episodes:
    • Gene Snook, a contestant in May 1978 who won $19,008 in prizes in a single game by clearing out all three columns, each of which were loaded up with the maximum of five prizes each. He then cleared off the first two columns in the next game, then won the Big Numbers for $5,000 and a car note , bringing his total to that point up to $42,108. Alex remarked about the massive wins, "You're making up for all the luck you've never had before."
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    • One player cleared the board in March 1980 for $28,216...then proceeded to lose the match, proving that one could win big on this show without going to the Big Numbers.
  • Any time a champion wins the Big Numbers without rolling a bad roll. Even more awesome if they didn't roll a double as well.

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