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  • Although Highway to Heaven was pretty, well, blah from an action viewpoint, the episode "Plane Death" featured Jonathan confronting men who'd killed Mark's friend for money; when they not only showed no remorse but also decided to kill him and Mark too, he went from mild-mannered helpful angel to Terminator, shrugging off punches, chair shots, and shotgun blasts with an emotionless face and throwing a few of the men across the room with one arm. When one panicked and confessed to the crime, he found Jonathan had vanished mid-confession... just in time for the ringleader's father, and the cops, to show up. Check it out.
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  • Another time, a junkie tries to shoot Jonathan in a shop, who merely catches the bullet, gently tells him "that's a no-no," and brings down a pile of fruit, so that the man slips and falls. When being hauled away from the police, the junkie suffers a total BSOD.
  • In general, Jonathan showing how The Power of Love can literally work miracles (with a bit of help from Above, of course).
  • The end of 4x05, in which a couple of Mooks try Bullying the Dragon. Jonathan No Sells the first punches, then pushes him away. The second also tries punching him, and Jonathan effortlessly lifts him and throws him away. Their boss tries shooting him, but Jonathan just grabs the bullets in midair and, in a state of Tranquil Fury, informs the Big Bad that "now you've made me angry," and that "my Boss is going to be keeping an eye on you. And He gets much angrier than I do."
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  • In 4x14, Mark takes out a couple of muggers single-handed to protect a group of homeless boys.
  • When a couple of young punks park in a handicapped spot for no reason other than "screw the handicapped," Jonathan calls them out on it. They respond with your basic taunts of "What's it to you?" and "What are you going to do about it?" Jonathan seems to back down, and the punks go on about their business. They return to find their car flipped upside down in the parking spot.
  • At the end of season 1's "Dust Child" (centered around the prejudice a Vietnamese teenager encounters when she comes to the US to live with her Vietnam veteran father and his family), as Jonathan and Mark are preparing to leave for their next assignment, two bullies ride by the house on their bicycles and start chanting "gook lover", at which point Jonathan subtly gives the boys a hard stare, causing them to crash their bikes into each other; Jonathan then tells Mark he probably shouldn't have done that, but Mark (referring to "The Boss") assures him "You know, I don't think He's going to mind at all!", and as the pair drive away, Jonathan causes to bullies to run into each other once more.

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