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Awesome / God Loves, Man Kills

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  • A policeman takes down Stryker, because, by God, nobody shoots an unarmed little girl on his watch.
    • Followed by another cop shutting up Stryker's followers by pointing out, matter-of-factly, why he had done so and that the mutants had done "as much—or as little—as you clowns".
  • The officer who protects Kitty on the subway is similarly awesome. A group of heavily-armed paramilitary types break into the subway car, gunning for Kitty. His reaction? "Get behind me, kid! I'll protect you!" He's way out of his league, but he doesn't let that stop him from putting himself between a child and those who would harm her. Even Magneto treats him with respect for his actions, removing the bullet he took shielding her with his power.
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  • Facing the armored Purifiers, the X-Men are on the ropes when suddenly, the men are lifted up, their armor coming apart and then reforming into prisons to keep them captive. Whirling about, the X-Men see the last person they ever would have expected to come to their aid:
    Magneto: Sheathe your claws, Wolverine. Magneto is here as a friend. And, if you'll have me, an ally.
  • Kitty Pryde layeth down the smack on Stryker when he questions Nightcrawler's humanity. All the more awesome when you realize that, not too long before this, Kitty had feared Nightcrawler because of his appearance.
    Stryker (outraged): Human? You dare call that — thing — human!?!
    Kitty (passionately): More human than you! Nightcrawler's generous and kind and decent! He had every reason to be bitter, every excuse to become as much of a demon inside as out. But he decided he'd rather learn to laugh instead! I hope I can be half the person he is. And if I have to choose between caring for my friend and believing in your God, then I choose my — my friend!
    • Making this even more awesome is the fact that Kitty is a fairly devout Jew herself.
    • It's doubly as awesome, as her referring to "your god"note  essentially does what nobody else in the book had the guts (or theological mindset) to do — call Stryker out on creating a god of his own image by twisting the Bible until it said what he wanted it to say and throwing out any passages that would challenge his point of view.
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    • To drive it home further (though it's not stated in this comic), Nightcrawler's himself a devout Catholic who's everything that Kitty says (i.e. far more the ideal good Christian than Stryker, whatever his appearance).
  • It's always nice to see the humble Nightcrawler get the recognition he deserves, as at the end he is the X-Man singled out as the best of them in Kitty's speech and someone we should all aspire to be like.
  • Cyclops sends Wolverine and Nightcrawler to kill Xavier since they have no other choice, then quickly shoots a beam in a random direction. Wolverine fails but distracts Xavier long enough for Cyclops's beam to ricochet around multiple corners to hit Xavier with precisely enough force to knock him out without serious injury — and Cyclops does it all without a single thought.
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  • Give Stryker some credit, it takes balls to stare down Magneto with no fear.