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Awesome / Gensokyo Defenders

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  • Throughout Cirno's story, not only does she become a formidable foe against everyone she faces off against, but Defeat Means Friendship comes into play when nearly all of her opponents join her team afterwards. This includes Reimu and Yukari by the end.
  • Cirno has a very clever moment when she decides she doesn't want to wait for the next full moon to be able to challenge Remilia, so she defeats and recruits Kaguya to get her to bring on the full moon right away.
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  • Yukari introduced the war games as a means of having something the fairies could be the best at. Cirno and the Three Fairies prove it in Mission 20 when they stop Seija from rampaging through Gensokyo with the Hisoutensoku by freezing the entire mountainside!

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