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YMMV / Gensokyo Defenders

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  • Awesome Music: The game's arrangement for Remilia's theme, "Septette for the Dead Princess" for the levels that take place inside of the Scarlet Devil Mansion.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: The icons for the PS4 trophies "Fairy Infirmary" (Defeat 500 enemies in one level) is a small pile of fairy corpses while "Fairy: The Endangered Specoes" (Defeat 10,000 enemies overall) turns the pile into a mountain!
  • Game-Breaker: The Flower Tank doesn't unlock until after beating the game, but it can be unlocked after beating Easy and- despite costing 1,200 gold- makes nearly every level on Normal a cakewalk. It's almost required when it comes to managing the insane flow of enemies on Hard.
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  • Most Wonderful Sound: The sound made when any enemy unit gets thrown off the map by a springboard.
  • That One Achievement: The hardest trophy to earn on the PS4 version is simply finding someone to play a level online with.
  • Unexpected Character: This is one of the few Touhou games where Kaguya represents the entire Eientei group, is playable, and Reisen- the usual rep- doesn't appear at all.

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