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  • Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing
    • In the chapter "The Family Dog", Fudge, for some inexplicable reason, refuses to eat anything unless it's on the floor. Ann tries to get Fudge to eat like normal, and a doctor recommends she try cooking Fudge his favorite foods to get him to eat. She cooks him some pork chops (while the rest of the family gets beef stew), but Fudge rejects them and demands cornflakes instead. Then Fudge turns around and refuses the cereal too, and this finally frustrates Warren to the breaking point. He picks Fudge and the bowl of cereal up, marches up to the bathroom, and dumps the contents over Fudge's head. It is awesome and cathartic to watch, and even Peter and Anne are relieved Warren put his foot down at this.
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    • In "The Flying Train Committee", Fudge ruins the school project that Peter, Jimmy, and Sheila have been working on for weeks. He gets a spanking from Anne for this.
  • Superfudge
    • Peter's parents finally listening to a suggestion of his by taking away Fudge and Daniel's bikes for a month after they ride off without telling anyone where they were going.
    • Anne using Daniel's pickiness against him when he tries to invite himself over for dinner again (making a point of telling him how many onions are in the pasta sauce and serving peas).

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