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  • The human's (Later known as Big Guy) first bit of experience in Equestria is seeing some Diamond Dogs abusing some foals. He intervenes by killing one and injuring another with a gun! He then administers first aid to the pair of foals, walks straight into Ponyville, into the hospital, and drops them off. Did we mention that there's a language barrier?
  • Big Guy gets possessed by the essence of Nightmare Moon, and they both begin recruiting villains, most of them from G1, so they will have enough power to control Discord. Through the various Eldritch Abomination's powers, he was able to turn the mane six to stone! Discord smells a trap, but plays along anyways. Turns out that it was a big trap, and quickly makes the monsters scream in agony by showing them human horrors. He immediately turns the mane six back, tells them to use the elements on him, and a lot of statues popping out of him, including Discord in a new position (Luna contemplates that Discord only went along with the plan to change positions). Big Guy (who himself admits is old) clearly has a military background and has been on a battlefield. The fact that the villains were Saturday morning cartoon villains might have made them more suseptable to this. Discord was largely unaffected.
    • Even after getting blasted by the elements, a part of Discord was left behind in the man's psyche. He is able to convince him to try other types of chaos that are less damaging and more beneficial.
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  • The cooking contest between Glorious Sunrise and the Big Guy (in Celestia's body) certainly has to count. Not only did he manage to provide the gryphons with a new type of food, he did so with style and panache, and managed to prevent himself from being seen as either the property of Equestria or Gryphonia/Protocera.
  • Blueblood's utter and complete dismissal of Celestia should also count, as he illustrates in clear and utter terms precisely why he's become the person he is. Celestia later gets a part of it, as she's quite aptly learned - and returns those Earth Pony racists - and attempted murderers - to the exact moment they were in before being rescued - in the midst of a blazing, soon to be explosive, inferno.


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